Sign Location - 1101 Navajo Blvd., Holbrook (Route 66) Dairy Queen Cones Location – 211 E. Florence Blvd., Casa Grande

Sign Installed c.1976 • Cones Installed 1987
How did the Holbrook Dairy Queen “Lips” sign and the Casa Grande Cones happen to meet in the Casa Grande Neon Sign Park? In August 2018, while visiting the Holbrook Dairy Queen to see what signs had been saved after the new corporate branding campaign, their “Lips” sign was discovered on site. It had been cracked during sign removal. When the owner heard about the Casa Grande Neon Sign Park she gladly donated her sign. This one-of-a kind oversized “Lips” sign had been special ordered in c.1976. When Interstate 40 bypassed Holbrook on Route 66, the Dairy Queen owner at that time made certain the Interstate 40 travelers could look into Holbrook and see this magnificent sign.When Dairy Queen corporate had the Historic Downtown Dairy Queen “Enter” and “Exit” cones removed in January 2018, the current owner donated them to the Historic Preservation Commission. With these cones, we fondly remember the Eric Steinhoff family, who owned and operated the Dairy Queen for 39 years, which included the tenure of this sweet pair of cones.
  • Holbrook Sign Donated By: Sandra Reyes and Casa Grande Historic Preservation Commission
  • Casa Grande Cones Sign Donated By: Jeff Trendler and Casa Grande Historic Preservation Commission
  • Plaque Sponsor: Southwest Gas Corporation
  • Plaque & Pedestal Project: Casa Grande Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)
  • Casa Grande Neon Sign Park: A Partnership of Casa Grande Main Street, HPC and the Donovan Kramer Family, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.

About CG Main Street

The Neon Sign Park will be operated and maintained by Casa Grande Main Street, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working on downtown revitalization and historic preservation.

Neon Sign Park Location

408 N. Sacaton St in Casa Grande, AZ